Web portal

Within a web portal multiple applications and content can be integrated. A web portal can also be used as a platform for communication (intranet), exchanging documents (Document Management System) or a place where people can work together (collaboration).
The web portal is very suitable for integrating business solutions such as a reporting environment, a workflow management - and a document management system. Within the web portal a number of central services are available such as a security service based on Single Sign-On.
Application integration makes it possible to connect external information sources and applications through the use of portlets. Portlets are actually mini web applications within the web portal based on security roles and - permissions available for portal users.
It also provides capabilities to make applications and content  available for the PC platform (both internally and externally hosted) and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
Red Dolphin provides web portal solutions based on Liferay Portal software. Liferay meets the requirements for open standards for content, portlets, web services and front-end technologies to reduce the cost of software development